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Die folgenden Beispiele sind zu 100% von unseren Gästen übernommene Kommentare. Wir geben diese hier Wort für Wort wieder. Alle Statements sind jünger als 6 Monate.


Gäste, die diese Kommentare

uests may ask to inspect comments sent by email to confirm authenticity!!

We ask all our guests to PLEASE email us your comments to include in this page! We will not mention your name unless you specifically gave us your permission. Thank you!


"I just wanted to let you know that after traveling in several countries in Europe after staying at your hotel, yours was one of the best! We found the location to be good as it was easy to access the underground and just minutes from most any attraction that we wished to see. It was also quiet and very well kept. The space was smalller than we are used to, but the service and friendly people made it feel special. Also we did make our flight to Germany, we were the last ones on the plane, but we did make it! We just made every second count in London. Thank you so much for helping with the taxi, the driver was great and had a lot of information as to how to get around for our next trip to London.Thanks for making our vacation fun while we were in London we will return to you when we are there again.

Word for word email, 6th July 01, Alan & Heide Menard, USA

"We arrived back in South Africa on Sunday morning. This is just a short note to thank everyone at the falcon for a wonderful 7-night stay. Our room was very comfortable and clean and it was super to start the day with that delicious breakfast. We also have great appreciation for the friendly manner in which we were assisted - from directions and tips to sending e-mail and faxes. Your rates really are the best in London - I did two weeks' "research" on the internet. One pound sterling is now worth eleven and a half South African rands. Thanks once again."
Word for Word email, 5th July 01, Riana Steyn and Anna Joubert, South Africa

"Thank you to all at the falcon for the personal and friendly service offered. i didn't even have to bother with lunch after such a tasty and filling breakfast, that's when I could get up to eat as the bed and room was so comfortable there was no need to hurry!!! I will definitely be using your hotel as my base in future London trips and will recommend you to any friends for their London trips. Well done and thanks again" 29/6/01: Word for word email from Rikki McAndrew, Primus, Australia 

"I want to thank you for the kind attention, comfortable bed and enjoyable breakfasts during my stay.  I shall certainly  use The Falcon as a base when I am in London. I don't have a date for next month yet but hopefully I shall be down soon and shall contact you re a vacancy before trying elsewhere."

Word for word email from Michael Spence, UK, a regular traveler to London 


An email from Russia!: "We finaly approach Krasnodar. It was crazy, because of snow-falt in Moscow we had to wait for a plain for hours. So two days without sleeping, and rush-hour in a office now! However, we were pleased to live in your nice and warm hotel, and to meat polite and smiling people there. I am working hard now, to have a possibility to visit you in April."             03/01/01,:A word for word email from Maria G. Birioukova and  family from Russia


".....   Anyway, I thought it high time I write to send you a proper thank you.  For everything.  Traveling abroad alone was a big step for me; I was definitely scared, regardless of my excitement, but you helped make the falcon feel like home and that was more than I could ever have hoped for.  
 I look forward to visiting again.  Perhaps as soon as September.      
 I hope you don't mind if I stay in touch. Best Wishes,"

Email dated 2nd June 2001 from N.F. 


"I have found my home in Europe!"


An IT consultant from America seconded to Europe


"We were being charged almost double the price for a room not different to yours"


A couple who stayed one night at Royal L****** Hotel, a 3 star hotel round the corner. They  switched to us the next day


"A friend of mine recommended your hotel, because of the low prices and conditions"!


N. Garcia, Portugal


" I like the fact that you are flexible with check-in and check-out times and we can leave our belongings with you for collection later"


A family who needed sleep fast on arrival! We are flexible with arrival and departure time if reasonable. 


"The best decision I ever made for a long time!"


An executive from a major international company (we can not name) who used his own travel allowance and for same price brought his wife and two children on a business trip and stayed in our family room, effectively paid for by his company!


"Staff here are so nice we feel really at home"


A family from Scotland


"You guys are so good and efficient you have no problem running a Hilton!"


A compliment from a businessman!


"This is the cleanest place around Paddington and Bayswater I have been to for a long time"


A regular traveler from Scotland


"We recommend you to everybody we know!"


An American family who were in London for their son's wedding and used our kitchen to prepare some food for their guests


"Your location is first class for me. I wiz from Heathrow, do my business, stay and relax for a night and wiz back. I did not feel I was traveling internationally"


A businessman from the Netherlands

"You are not a big hotel but you made us welcome and feel being cared for a lot more than big hotels"

A compliment from a regular visitor

"You do not rip us off like big places by adding this and that to the bill. Your rates are very affordable too. We wonder how you make money?

Simple. We have turnover and lots of repeat business keeping us occupied throughout the year. Many hotels at best have an average of 60% occupancy rate. We run not below 80%

 Only through your comments we can improve and sell ourselves. Constructive comments and criticism equally accepted!



Falcon Hotel
11 Norfolk Square
Paddington / Bayswater

Hyde Park North
London W2 1RU


Tel:  +44 (0) 20 7723 8603
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7402 7009

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